Converse Chuck Seasonal

We've had a relationship with Converse running almost as long as we've had our company. This past December, we created a video series for their seasonal colors, linked below. Converse provided the product footage, which was shot as b-roll on a print set earlier that year. We then pulled from years of our own collective, archival footage to create video collages for each color way. Milton Ladd, another longtime collaborator, created all of the animated elements (the grids and the 3d objects) which we layered throughout the edits. 

These were produced without sound and as single, 15 second pieces. Below, they're collected as a master with a track by one of our favorite artists, Monster Rally. We don't have the license for the track, nor does it appear in any of the official spots, I just threw it in here for fun. That said, I really want to get his music on a commercial project soon. 

These videos are online and in stores. We also just shot (and are in the process of editing) Converse's SU15 material in Los Angeles. Look for that soon(ish).

Edited by Addison Post & P. Nick Curran

Archival footage shot by Addison & Nick

Animations + graphical elements by Milton Ladd

Produced by Loroto with Austin Bryant (Converse)

- Nick

Adidas Superstar

Over the past several months, we've produced a bunch of videos for Adidas in partnership with New York agency Johannes Leonardo. The video below was created by our larger team, all of whom are credited below. I like this one.


Directed by Addison Post (loroto)

Produced by Doug Moffitt (JL) and P. Nick Curran (loroto)

Shot by Addison Post & Chris Maggio

Grip/light by Alvin Adadevoh

Edited by Hunter Steinman

Colored by Ian Perlman

Original composition/sound by Jesse Rudoy


Had some extra footage from a short film...

The song is "Shopping" by Mass Gothic.


Into the Veil 2016

I'll leave it to Atlas Obscura's Megan Roberts to describe the event:

"For the past four years, Atlas Obscura and Green-Wood Cemetery have teamed up each fall to present Into the Veil, a nighttime soiree in which 1,500 guests are invited to explore the Victorian-era garden cemetery‚Äôs expansive grounds and ornate mausoleums by the light of the moon. "

And for the second year running, we've partnered with Atlas Obscura to produce a short film/event recap for Into the Veil. We shot on two Sony A7SII's paired with a Zeiss Loxia 21mm, Zeiss Loxia 50mm and Zeiss Planar 50mm. I think there is one shot of the moon where we used a Canon L 200m. 

Check it out below.

Shot by Addison Post and P. Nick Curran

Edited by Nick

Produced in partnership with Atlas Obscura

- Nick

Sup Goth Tour Documentary Is Out!

We went on tour with Mass Gothic and Kyle Craft in August and made a little video about it. We named it after Mass Gothic's new, EP SUP GOTHwhich is out on Sub Pop now. The whole video was shot on two Sony FS5s with some Vintage Super 16mm Zoom lenses we picked up recently. Check it out below...

Shot by Addison Post and P. Nick Curran

Edited by Addison