1min 32sec // 2017 // Canon 5D

Client: Converse

Converse provided the product footage, which was shot as b-roll on a print set earlier that year. We then pulled from years of our own collective, archival footage to create video collages for each color way. Milton Ladd, another longtime collaborator, created all of the animated elements (the grids and the 3D objects) which we layered throughout the edits. 

These were produced without sound and as single, 15 second pieces. Below, they're collected as a master with a track by one of our favorite artists, Monster Rally. We don't have the license for the track, nor does it appear in any of the official spots, we just threw it in here for fun.

Edited by Addison Post & P. Nick Curran
Archival footage shot by Addison & Nick
Animations + graphical elements by Milton Ladd
Produced by Loroto with Austin Bryant (Converse)